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Unity Starter Pack (avec 5 licences et 500 Go pour le stockage de fichiers)

Unity Starter Pack (avec 5 licences et 500 Go pour le stockage de fichiers)

Solution de gestion, de partage et de protection des données multicloud.
Unity est une solution Enterprise File Fabric qui est capable d'unifier les données de différentes sources pour fournir la gouvernance, l'audit et la sécurité à travers un ensemble de données unifiées.


Cloudbizz Unity : Complete features list

Platform features:

·         Works with over 35 storage clouds on top of Cloudbizz Belgium

·         Connect on-premise file systems using WebDav and FTP(S)

·         Single Sign On (SSO) Active Directory Support

·         Cloud File System aggregates storage clouds into a virtual Cloud File System view  

·         Encrypt data on remote clouds with public/private key

·         File Audit and Governance built in

·         Full Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Support

·         Web File Explorer just like on your desktop. Drag, Copy. move files etc

·         Secure managed file sharing with link expiry and secure passwords

·         File sharing using generated URL

·         File sharing using Collaboration workspaces

·         File sharing using internal shared Folders (Cloud File Server only)

·         File event notifications on file events (updates, comments, new content in folders)

·         Integration with Zoho office for office file editing (web and windows tools)

·         Integration with Google Viewer for file viewing (web, mobile, windows)

·         Stream Mp3's directly in the web browser or desktop / mobile Apps

·         Public file sharing page with unique url. Can be combined with password protection

·         RSS feeds for public file streams

·         Easily Search across all mapped clouds

·         Backup / Archive email directly to a nominated Cloud

·         Contacts to Cloud integration with email, Social networks, and Outlook

·         User Management (Cloud File Server)

·         Take notes and sync to/from Mobile clients

·         Custom Branding by customer

·         Take your data with you when you change Clouds using the unique Cloud Migration Assistants



·         File Comments with notifications

·         Business Collaboration WorkSpaces

·         Versioning Management

·         File locking

·         Public shared folders with user permission management

·         Visual versioning (web) and versioning management (Cloud File Server)


Secure features:

·         AES F256 bit ile encryption above any cloud

·         User permissions for file access (Cloud File Server only)

·         File Locking

·         File event auditing (Cloud File Server only)

·         HTTPS / SSL support

·         File GEO location upload/download monitoring

·         Cloud to Cloud backup (Personal Cloud and business editions only)


Operating System Tools:

·         Windows Dashboard, Cloud Drive & Sync Tooling

·         Windows 8 Tablet

·         Mac Cloud Drive, Spotlight integration and Sync Tooling

·         Linux Cloud Drive, Cloud Explorer, and Sync Tooling


Mobile Support:

·         iPhone/iPad/Ipod Touch

·         Android phones and Tablets

·         BlackBerry

·         Nokia N7

·         Windows Phone 7

·         HTML5 rich Mobile client for other Mobile devices

Ubiquitous access:

·         CloudDav - Access files from any mapped cloud using WebDav

·         CloudFTP- Access files from any mapped cloud using FTP(S)

·         Amazon S3 API - Access files from any mapped cloud using S3 API

Third Party integrations:

·         Firefox plug-in

·         Chrome Extension

·         Safari Extension

·         Facebook App

·         WordPress Plug-in's

·         Joomla Plug-In's

·         Zoho Office integration

·         Google File Viewer integration

·         Twitter integration for notifications / file sharing



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