Utiliser plusieurs écrans
Comment étendre votre bureau windows sur plusieurs écran

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Citrix on two monitors

Save and close all open documents and programs. If you already have Citrix in full screen mode, go to the black top tab in Citrix (red arrow). Click the white arrow in the top tab and click on «Window». 

To get Citrix on both monitors you have to move the Citrix-window in the middle of the two monitors you want to use. Make sure that about half of the Citrix-window is on each monitor. Go to the top tab in Citrix again, click it and select «Full screen». If Citrix detects both monitors as one big monitor, log off using the Start-menu and log on again. If you have trouble moving application windows in Citrix from one monitor to another, remember that maximized windows are locked to the monitor they are shown on. To resolve this, click the restore button on upper right corner in the application window to unlock it and move it.

Multi écran / Citrix Virtual Display Layout
Use a 4K monitor / Large Wide display with multi monitor experience